Phoenix Wright Movie Worldwide Release

The director of the Phoenix Wright film, Takeshi Miike, claimed that after a screening that the film would be released worldwide.
The information was supplied by Twitch.
They reviewed the movie as “a love-it or hate-it affair” and “a quirky yet dangerous barrel of fun.”

The film follows the plotline of the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game.
It follows the first five cases including the murder of his boss.
Fitting in all the cases put the movie at around two hours and ten minutes.
That’s a pretty good length if it turns out to be enjoyable.
I’m looking forward to it.


Heavy Rain

*I don’t think there should be any real spoilers, but just be careful if you don’t want to know anything at all*

I bought Heavy Rain for the PS3 on Black Friday for $15.
It was a game that I really had been wanting to play, but never bought it because I had so many other games to get through.
I couldn’t pass it up for $15 though.
I’m glad that I didn’t pass it up.

I was going to play Skyward Sword, but because of my umbilical hernia surgery the movements put too much stress on the incision.
I didn’t have much to choose from to watch online because the website that I used, that had the most content, went down.
I think it had to do with them being afraid of what happened to Megaupload.

I saw Heavy Rain sitting on the shelf and thought that would be a good one to try.
My attention could be devoted to the game which isn’t always an option, but I can’t do much with the surgery.
It was a good decision.

Let’s talk about my favorite subject.
The voice acting was done very well.
All the voices fit the characters pretty well.
The only problem I had was with the children, but it is hard to get good children.
I really didn’t care for any of the kids’ voices.

The best voice in my opinion was Scott Shelby.
He fit his character perfectly.
Cool and calm until things started to get out of control.
He had a good contrast between these states.
The second best was Ethan Mars.
He did a really good job with all the emotions and especially the screaming when he was hurt.
I was impressed with his performance.

The story was really well done.
I should almost say stories because there are so many different ways it can go depending on your actions.
I liked how you could take control of the characters and make them how you wanted.
I crafted the story into how I would play things out as myself or how I thought the character would, but mostly how I would act if I was that character.
So needless to say I was a goodie-goodie most of the time.

Speaking of actions, there were only a few times when I would replay the chapter to get what I wanted.
All but one of the times were because of wrong actions being executed.
I would be thinking I was saving someone, but the action would do something else.
I didn’t think it was conveyed well enough and so it wasn’t fair.
It was easy enough to play it over.
The only thing I had a problem with was I missed one of the clues for Jayden and I know I scanned the whole room so I couldn’t get him to solve the case.
I ended up being able to get the ending I wanted the second time though.
The first time I didn’t call Norman Jayden so I didn’t get the ending I wanted for him.
I wonder if I would have gotten the missing clue and didn’t call him what would have happened.
Oh well.

The visuals were great.
There isn’t much to say other than that.
Everything interacted failry well with each other.
The colors and designs were very well thought out.

Overall it was a great game. 5/5
I would love it if they make another game.
I don’t know if I really want a direct sequel though.
I’d like to see something else.

Steve Carell Cameo

There were some rumors that Steve Carell made a cameo on last weeks The Office.
He was supposedly the bearded man in the Queerenstein Bears on the episode “Trivia.”

I watched the video and I don’t believe it looks like him.
I can see how at first glance it looks like him, but I think the man looks a lot older.
His face shows more age in my opinion than Steve Carell.

It would have been a nice easter egg, but I don’t think the bunny delivered.